Thursday, April 26, 2007


Can I just tell you how sick of the snow I am. On Tuesday we got at least a foot of snow, maybe more in snowd ALL day and into the night. It's April, almost May. This is rediculous. Everyone who has been here for ever keeps telling me this is not normal at all. Which gives me some hope, so we will see. If not, I may have to move to Florida or Arizona.

stanley canyon

Last Saturday Jeff and I went on a hike with Jeffs Sisters Emily and Shauna. We went to a place called Stanley Canyon, it is located on the Airforce base in Colorado Springs. It was really fun, it took us a little over 4 hours and the views were incredible. We hope to so lots of hiking this summer and even tackle some fourteeners. Oh, and thanks to Jeffs Parents for watching the kids.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Don't bother me I'm eating

We took the kids to Zion National Park during our trip. We went with Aunt heather and Cousin Dillion. We did a little hike to the narrows had lunch, and the kids had fun throwing rocks in the river and digging in the dirt. It was a really fun time and the weather was perfect. I can not wait until spring, we just keep getting this crappy weather and more and more snow.

brandons first swim

Brandon went swimming for the first time. He loves the water a lot. He seemed to enjoy it by splashing and smiling. I think he really liked the hot tub the most. Don't worry it was about as warm as a bath tub.

Easter 2007

Ok, So I know this is a lot of Pictures, But we took about 30 pics. The kids had a really fun Easter this year and really got into it. We spent it in St. George with grandma and grandpa. On Saturday we went to a park and about 100 kids all ran for the
hidden candy, it was pretty entertaining. Then on Sunday of course the easter bunny came, and they had a easter egg hunt in the back yard as well. Ashlie pretty much cleaned house on that hunt. They had a really good time dying the eggs too. Happy Easter. ( ok so it's a little late)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

So Matthew and Ashlie, sad to say went sleding for the first time in March with their cousins and Grandma and Grandpa Wursten. Pretty much I learned that Matthew hates the snow. Ashlie likes to eat the snow, and Brandon just doesn't really care either way. Eventually I got them both sleding and they seemed to like it. We will see how next year goes. But we had a good time.

loving food

Brandon loves people food. If you don't give him some of what you have, he loves to throw a big tantrum.

my blog

Well since everyone is doing it, we decided to have a blog and keep in touch with ya'll. So we are learning and hopfully it will get better. Peace out.