Monday, September 10, 2012

Blizzard Beach

Day 6: Blizzard Beach

 Blizzard Beach is so much fun if you have not been there you have to go.  I went when i was younger and have always wanted to go back.  We just spent the day laying in the sun and going down the water slides.  The weather was perfect.  This one was a bit tricky for me, because usually we rent a wheel chair for the day, but I had to crutch around a lot and hop everywhere so it was a bit harder.  I had to sit some times, but i still had so much fun watching the kids enjoy their time.I was also kind of stressed out this day, because today was the day Brandon was supposed to get his stitches taken out, so I was all  worried about him getting them wet and hitting his head and all that. So i stuck some gauze over the stitches and then we got the water proof bandaids  and stuck 2 of them over and it seemed to work pretty well.  Jeff took them out later that night.  We did not need to spend another 300 dollars in the ER and Jeff was great.  After the water park we went over and spent the evening at Dowtown Disney and had some dinner.

Magic Kingdom #2

Day 5: Magic Kingdom

 Thunder Mountain.  This was by far Brandons most favorite ride.  I am pretty sure we went on this at least 5 or 6 times. I love that my kids are such thrill seekers and love roller coasters.

 This one i was busting up at Steve's face. It must have been scary!

 Ashlie's eyes crack me up and I look like an old Grandma or something

 Crystal and Koda


Day 5: Beach

 My kids had a blast at the beach.  They have never been before except for Matthew but he was prob to little to remember.  We went over in the morning grabbed some lunch and stayed pretty much all day.  Brandon had to wear a swim cap to try and keep the water off his stitches, but that didn't stop him from getting in the ocean.  Matthew mastered boogie boarding pretty well too.  I was able to hop into the ocean with Jeffs help, and then i hung through the tube and just floated with the waves.  It was so much fun.