Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Colorado Springs Zoo

Here we are with the kids at the colorado springs zoo. They had a lot of fun getting there face and arms painted, riding the train. The coolest part about the zoo is, is feeding the Giraffe's. You can get so close the them, you can touch them. It's pretty cool. Ashlie gives the crackers to Matthew, and Matthew feeds them. Ashlie won't go near.

Go Sky Sox!

Brandon and Aunt Emily

On Saturday we went to a Sky Sox game ( which is the minor leauge here in Colorado Springs) for Aunt Shauna's Birthday. Matthew loves going to games so he can sing Take me out to the ball game.

Who's who?

Will the real slim brandon please crawl forward??

funny stuff

Everynight before we go to bed, we go and check on the kids. The last couple of night have been pretty entertaining, so we thought we would share them with you. In the crib are of course Brandon's cute little feet, and Ashlie is lucky she did not fall out of bed.

Monday, May 21, 2007


Brandon is finally feeling better. I took him to the docs again on Monday, and he had a double ear ache, and we figured out he had rosiola. That was fun times, and now he is smiling and sleeping throught he night =) So last Wednesday, we went and saw the brodway WICKED. Man was it good. I really enjoyed it, and if any of you have the chance to see it, I highly reccomend it. It was GREAT!!!! Well that's about it for last week.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mommy there's a police man at the door


So I was in the shower this morning as I usually do. Brandon was sleeping and Matthew and Ashlie were up stairs playing in hre room. About 5 mim into my shower Matthew comes in, and says mommy there's pepole down there. I was kind of confused and not really sure what he was talking about. I figured he was just looking out the window or something. I told him to just go play and I would be done in a minute. So about 5 min later he comes in again and says " mommy there's a police man at the door, I talking to him" Wholy cow I was scared, and wondering what he was doing at the door and why Matthew answered the door in the first place without me. So I got out of the shower and yelled down with my towel on. He said hello, and I told him I needed to get dressed. I turnes out he was there for 15 min talking to Matthew and probably wondering what was going on. He was looking for the previous renter, but how scary is that, that Matthew opened the door while I was in the shower. Anybody could have taken them. He got a big talk from me, and this afternoon we are going to home depot to get an upper lock put on the door.


So poor little Brandon has had the flu since Saturday. Not fun!! He has had a fever for 4 days, throwing up for 3 days,lots of fun things in his diaper, and is just so sad and tired all of the time. It's kind of hard, because he does not let me put him down for one second. So i feel really bad for Ashlie and Matthew, because I ignore them more. I really hope he gets better soon =(

Monday, May 14, 2007


This is the kids with there teacher miss Emily. They love her.

The Kids had their last class last week. I am actully pretty sad it is very fun to go with them. We decided to take a break for the summer and get ready for T-ball and Soccer. It's amazing how much they have improved since they first started.

Mothers Day

So we had a pretty good mothers day. The kids and Jeff gave me flowers, let me sleep in, and the house was spotless when I woke up. It was wonderful. Brandon decided to give me the best gift, by having the flu. We took him to the doctors thinking he had a ear infection, but he didn't so typical. I really think he has one today though. He has been pretty sad and lathargic (however you spell that) today, so it's pretty sad. Hopefully his fever will go down tomarrow and it will be a better day for both of us.

Yea for sun!!!!

We have been having some great weather lately, so we decided to put in a pool in our big backyard. Ok, not really, but the kids really had a great time swimming. Even Brandon decided he should try swimming face down in the water. Not a good idea.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

family pictures

Yea we finally have a family picture. I am so excited because the last time we had one, Ashlie was only 9 months old. The kids did pretty good, although it was really hard to get any smiles out of brandon. Go figure. He smiles all the time at home.
Also is ashlies 2 year, and brandons 9months.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Ok, so the first picture is supposed to be a video clip of him. I will work on it and hopefully fix it later. Any suggestions on how to post a video???

breaking news

This 1st of May in the year 2007, at 9 months old this very day Brandon John Wursten has finally decided to crawl. We love it!! It is such a new stage in life I have been looking forward to for a very long time. He is so cute, and developing such a cute personality. He also went to the doctors today weighing in at 19lbs 6oz, broke his first tooth today. YEA!!!, and as of a couple of days ago is sitting up from his tummy to his bum very well. All in all brandon had a busy yet eventful week in the life of a 9 month old.

Yummy to my tummy

Brandon had his first taste of licorice. Needless to say he loved it