Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hollywood Studios

Day 3: Hollywood Studios

 We started off by heading to Indiana Jones.  Matthew was really excited for this one because he was a big fan.  It was a really good show and everyone enjoyed it.

 The kids really enjoyed the Star Wars ride, we went on it 2 times in a row.

 This Buzz light Year one was so fun. We had a blast, and i believe it was the longest line in the whole park.  Or I would have done it again.
 Had a little rainstorm for a bit, and I thought this picture was hilarious!  I had to cover the crutches and the wheel chair=)

 Couldn't skip out on Disney Jr. Live on Stage! Koda was dancing it up!  I really missed Kyle when we watched this, because for the younger kids this is really magical for them to see all the characters they love, live! It kind of made me tear up and miss Kyle a ton because I know how much he would have loved it.

 Of course can't come here without seeing Fantasmic! Best show ever, if you have not seen it while you are there you need to.

Over all we really enjoyed our day at Hollywood Studios.  It was really fun to explore everything.  If any of you have not heard of the Tower of Terror its a ride where you get taken up in an elevator pretty high, i don't know how many stories and then they drop you down to the bottom floor.  It's a pretty scary ride, but fun.  All of the kids tried it once and the only one who LOVED it was Brandon.   He went on that ride 10 times while we were there, and one time we got off and he was really dissapointed.  I aske him what was wring and he said he was sad because he didn't put his arms up in the air on the way down.  I love that kid.  I love that all of my kids are so adventurous and love going on rides.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 2: Magic Kingdom

Day 2 Magic Kingdom!!

 On our way to Magic Kingdom the kids were excited to say the least. I loved seeing the joy and excitement in their faces.  It made me remember how excited i got when we would just go to Lagoon in Utah.  I would get butterflies in my stomach and as soon as i saw the green gate i knew we were close. This whole trip I was just having so much fun to see their faces and the memories that they were making.  

 We had set up a surprise for the boys to be turned into pirates arg!  They were kind of hesitant, but did it and had fun. They did a really good job with their makeup and they got a pirate name, scarf, earing, and handkerchief.  Oh and a sword and a piece of the treasure in a secret room. It was pretty awesome if you have not done it, i highly recommend it!

 As for Ashlie's surprise she got to go to the Bibbidi Bobbidie Boutique, and be turned into a princess for the day.  They got to choose any character they wanted, and she chose Ariel.  They got makeup done, nails, and a really cute hair do.. She really enjoyed this and so did I.  It is a bit pricey, but this was our vacation, and my little girl will only be little once! She won't be into this stuff much longer and the memories are worth it for me!

This pretty much sums up our day!!! We had a blast here, all the rides, meeting the characters, eating the nasty food.  It actually wasn't too bad, because everyday we would pack our own lunch, drinks, and snacks which saved us a ton and then just ate dinner.  We loved watching the parade as well.