Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Disney World Sept 2011

 I thought this pic was so cute.  Brandon was eating his breakfast ( Panda rice and noodles) and just watching the planes come in.
 Disney World!!! So Jeff and I planned a trip to Disney and decided to surprise the kids.  A friend of mine watched kyle for us for the week, because we thought he would be a little to much at the time.  Not planned I had to have a second surgery on my ankle and so I was still no weight baring and on crutches.  So Jeff had to push me around in a Wheelchair the whole time.  For me it was great=) I didnt get tired at all!  We put the kids to bed the night before and school had just started so they thought they were waking up the next day to go to school. So at 4:30 am we woke them and told them we were going somewhere and it was a surprise!  As we were driving to the airport they kept trying to guess where we were going and as soon as we pulled up to the airport they went crazy.  Once we were there we only told them we were going to Denver and then we would tell them more after that.  When we arrived in Denver we had another surprise for them, and my Best friend Crystal and her husband Bart and Son Koda were there and my Mom and Step dad met us there too.  They were so excited when we told them we were off to Disney World!!

Day 1 Animal Kingdom

 Grandma is a little excited!
 Safari Tour was awesome

 Animal Kingdom was pretty cool.  There were lots of fun rides, one of our favorites was Everest.  Lots of things for the kids to do and see.  As the day was ending the kids wanted to go on one of Brandon's fav rides.  It was the water one that you get in a big raft and get wet. I decide to wait in my little wheelchair.  There was absolutely no line so the kids were running and ducking under the bars. Apparently Brandon did not duck far enough and the pole won.  All of a sudden I heard Brandon screaming at the top of his lungs and out Jeff comes carrying B.  He was COVERED in blood everywhere i though he did a really big number on his head. As you know head injuries always have a lot of blood.  Lets just say it scared the crap out of me.  So the paramedics came and got us all cleaned up and we tried to calm him down but he was pretty scared.  AS many of you know brandon carries around his kitty EVERYWHERE but for some reason we left him in the car.  Animal Kingdom was so nice and they brought him a tiger and a T-shirt.  As soon as he got the tiger he immediately calmed down.  It was so cute.  I felt so bad for Brandon because he was just soooo excited to go on that ride.  As we were leaving to go to the hospital we said good bye to my parents and the kids, and the kids just started crying for Brandon it was so cute.  After he got his stitches he was in high spirits but getting them was a little tramatic for him..  But we loved animal kingdom!!

Matthews Baptism ( sept. 2011)

I can't believe that Matthew is 8 already and even more important that he chose to be baptized.  Getting baptized is such an important step in ones life and I'm not even sure if He fully realizes the commitments he has made, but we as parents could not be more proud of Matthew and the boy that he is becoming.  I know that he can feel the spirit in his life, and I know that he always tries to make the best choices when others are not.  Matthew you are such a great example to your brothers and sisters and I know they will look up to you and follow you in everything you do.  This day was very special for both Jeff and I and seeing Matthew growing up is really hard, but look forward to the man that he will become.  The baptism was very special and the feeling that was in me when he came out of the water was such great joy in knowing the blessings that we can have, and how much this gospel means to me and my family.  We love you so much Matthew!!