Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wursten Family Reunion 2011, Bayfiled CO ( I'm warning you there is a TON of pictures)

So back in July the whole family came for a few weeks and we had about 19 people in the house! To accomadate everyone we had to borrow on of my friends trailors and put that in the driveway and then Jeffs parents brought their trailer and camped it in the backyard.  It was a ton of fun!
 This is where we put the kids when they were bad

 This is our attempt of getting some family pictures most of the kids cooperated

 playing one of our favorite games. Ligretto!!
 Grandma and Grandpas camper
 Aunt Becky and Kyle
 We totally had a dance party. 

 One day we went up to lemon res and found this cool spot for the kids to play in the water.   We found this cool slide the kids would just slide down the rock into the little pool of water. You could hike up this little canyon and find lots more to do.  It was really fun.

 Grandpa relaxing!!

 Another day we went to the river by our house.  Its so fun to play here in the summer and a great way to cool off.  This is brandon doing flips in the tubes.
To be cont......

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Matthews first time off the high dive

Matthew loves to swim and last summer he told me he wanted to go off the high dive.  I told him that he had to jump quick and he could not stay up there forever because there is a line.  So he conquered his fear and jumped.  Now we can't stop him!

4th of July 2011

 For the 4th my mom and Steve came into town, we had a fun bbq and did a little tubing at the river to cool off.

 Brandon trying to stay cool
 Waiting for the parade to start

Yea for fireworks!!

Camping and Boating with friends

 Here are all the kids waiting to get on the boat

 Unfortunatley I still had a cast on. It was so hot that day i just wanted to jump in, but I still had fun getting a nice tan!

 Matthew and Davin
 Love this picture!

 Even Kyle tried
And of course at the end we had to cool down with some ice cream!!