Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fire Station

Yesterday we went to the Fire station for playgroup. They really went all out to give us a good tour and let the kids play with everything. It took Brandon a bit to warm up, but by the end he wa having a lot of fun. Here is Brandon using the hose. I got to try it too, I was the only mom who treid and it was really fun.

They pulled out the truck and raised the ladder. Then he climbed to the top.
Brandon in one of the trucks. They let him turn on the lights and he though that was so cool.

Here is brandon trying out the Jaws of life. He got to crush a pop can and thought it was pretty funny.

Here is Kyle having a blast.

Here are the kids in an Ambulance. They let the kids see their hearbeats on the monitor.
We all had a good time and the kids had fun learning about the firemen.

Snow pic

Here are the kids enjoying all the snow we got

Here is a view into our backyard and all of our trails we make. Jeff and I really have a good time going snowshoing around the lake.


We put the kids in Basketball this year. They have had a few practices, and they have their first game next Saturday. They both love it, and it's so fun to watch them since they have never played, and it will be interesting to see how they are at the end of the season.

Our sledding hill

We have this really cool sledding hill on the other side of the dam. The kids love to go there and sled and play in the snow. Most of the time though they just had a really good time going down on their butts. It was pretty funny!

Durango Mountain resort

Last Saturday I went skiing with a friend. It was my first time in 9 years. I was actually a little scared to try it again, but once I got going I had a blast. I hope I can go a few more times this season.

Friday, January 22, 2010

More snow update

This is our snow Currently

This was taken last night before bed

This is the snow outside Brandons Window

This is the snow out in our backyard. It's crazy it's up to the windows and up to the top of the fence. It's also up to the top of the trampoline.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Snow day # 4

Here are some more pics of the snow today. This is at about 8 this morning.


This is about 4:30 ish today

And this is now. And it is still growing. I can't believe it has snowed everyday since Monday and is not going to stop until Sat. It's so fun to have all of this snow, and It is very pretty. Since Matthew has no school tomorrow and Jeff has no work I guess we will spend the day playing in it all day.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Snow , snow and MORE snow

Brandon enjoying the new fallen snow

This morning


It is finally done snowing for today. And we are supposed to get hammered tomorrow. I love the snow how pretty it is, but i sure hate going out in it!

Sweet little Kyle!

Oh how we love our little Kyle. Always getting into everything. I love and hate this stage of life. Thank goodness I stopped him before he was able to dump all of the sugar out. I miss my old house where we had doors.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Brandons name

Brandon has been practicing writing his name. He was very proud of this. Now we just need to work on writing smaller.

14 Months old

14 months old:

Weight: 20lbs (exactly) It's about time

Size 3 diapers
Size 3 shoes
12- 18 months clothes. Although the pants are always big in the waist
4 teeth on top, 4 on bottom and 3 1/2 molars

Foods: You don't really have a fav food. You are starting to like food better and try new things. You do like gold fish, crackers, string cheese, peas, and of course candy. You still have and love your bottle, you drink about 5 oz.

Likes: you love your blankets, paci, your doggy any thing soft that you can snuggle in. You love your baths, you love your siblings and are starting to interact a lot with them. You love to watch baby einstein, and you like swimming, your toys and books.

You are such a little snuggle bug you LOVE to snuggle with me and your dad. I love it! You give the best kisses and smiles. You are very content at playing on your own for a good while which is nice, then I can actually get some things done.

Still NOt walking. This past week you have started to take a few steps on your own and you are getting better and standing on your own too. I am sooo ready for you to walk though. You love to clap and dance when you hear music. You like to wave, when I say lets go nigh nigh you wave your little hand. It's really cute, when you see any of us sanatizing our hands you rub your hands together like we are. It's really cute. You don't say much still. You can say mama, dada, baba, and bark like a dog. Each day you are learning more and more. You like to try and roll away when ever you are getting dressed or a diaper change you think you are so funny. When I am changing your diaper your legs are always in a little frog position still and you alway wrap your legs around my arm it's funny. You love to get into my drawers and take everything out for some reason you really like the cups and maccaroni and cheese. You are just a little ball of fun and I love that you are so little and such a mama's boy. Love you kyle!

Trip to Salt Lake

After christmas we drove up to Salt Lake for 3 days. We were able to see Jeff's brother who just had twins, and visit with friends and family. I stayed with my Sister and we dicided to take the kids to Jungle Jims playland. My 2 friends Ary and Crystal were able to come to, so it was great to see them. Plus my friend ary has 3 girls and Ashlie loves playing with any girls she can. Then we heade over to the mall for some lunch and shopping. Later that night we went out to our fav resturant wingers. Everytime I go to Utah it's a must to have Wingers.

Breakfast with Santa

Ashlie's school held a breakfast with Santa. It was fun for the kids, they got to see santa, the coke bear came they had a raffle drawing, arts and crafts and play area for the kids.