Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sand Hallow Lake

During our trip to St. George we went to a lake for a day of fun. The kids enjoyed the water, while Brandon enjoyed eating the sand. Yuck, can you say parasite?? It was a fun way to spend a hot 97 degree day. If only we had a boat. Oh ya and here is Ashlie with her very soggy soaked up diaper. Forgot the swim diapers. Opps.

Zion Canyoneering Trip =)

We started out by camping on Friday night. Our friends Brook and Craig Barney from Dental School came down from Washington, and also Jeffs brother Curtis came from Utah. The canyon we went through is called Pine Creek canyon. It has 9 repells in all. Here we are starting out, and getting ready for the first repell. We had to swim through some of the cooldest water i have ever been in. Curtis was such a sport to pause for a picture while his feet froze off.

Here we are just enjoying more of the canyon, it was really hard because there was one repel where we literally had to swim because we could not touch the ground, wholy hypothermia and then there was no sun in the canyon for about 1 hour. Inside the canyon is very very pretty.

Here we are at our last repell. It was very very pretty. You could see a window from the tunnel that you drive through in Zions. Over all we really enjoyed the canyon despite the freezing cold water we had to swim through.

Trip to Denver Zoo

Matthew and Ashlie ejoyed a day at the zoo with there cousins from Texas. They are here for a whole month, so Matthew and Ashlie are very excited to spend lots of time with them. And of course sleep overs at Grandma's and Greandpa's.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Here is matthew at his first swim lessons ever. He had a great time, and was very proud of himself.