Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Spring fun

I have a feeling this will be our favorite thing to do this summer.

3 cute kids !!!


This first picture I just had to post for posterity.

The next picture, brandon has his kitty that goes EVERYWHERE with him, he loves it. So we decided to go to the store the other day, to buy another one in case this one dies one day, and could not find it anywhere, so we bought a puppy instead. He love it, but not as much as the kitty. Let's hop his kitty lasts more than 9 lives.

The last picture, a couple weekends ago Ashlie came down with a fever of 104.3's for 2 days. Then Brandon decided he wanted to get sick too. So this day I decided to lay him on my bed, while I was printing some things off. He decided to lay back, do I got his kitty and blanket and the next thing I know he is out. It was so cute, because he never does this, and later that day he fell asleep with me again on the couch. To a point, I love when they get sick, because it's the only time they snuggle. After a few days of a very IRRITABLE and non sleeping baby, we discovered he has Hand, foot, mouth disease, which is still in the process of getting better.

Bike wash anyone?

We were out washing our cars the other day, and I turned around and saw Matthew washing his bike. I thought it was so cute.

Ashlie's doughnut

I just thought this picture was funny. This is how Ashlie eats her doughnuts. Can you blame her??

I'm not dead, just tired!

Ok, so I have really been a big blogging slacker lately, and I apologize. When Brandon naps, I nap, and that is when I usually do my blogging or cleaning or whatever needs to be done. But, napping is good for now, until I get more energy. Do we ever have more energy?? Any way here are a few pictures of what we have been up to, which isn't much.

This is what Jeff taught the kids how to do. It actually really scares me, but they love it. I wish I could get the video to work ,I will have to work on it. Sorry it's not a better picture.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

READY or not HERE comes # 4 !!!

Yes, this was planned and we are so excited to have this little one join our family. I am only 10 weeks along and I had my 1st appointment today. Everything is looking good and you could see the little tike moving around. It was SO cute. It made me fall in love with it already, just to see it moving. You can see it's little legs and arm in the picture. My due date is October 28th. I am hoping in 2 weeks to start feeling better and be a little more motivated, and I will be done with the 1st trimester. YEA!! Sorry it's sideways.