Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bring it on!

This morning we woke up to a nice spring surprise. School was cancelled and Jeff came home at noon. Everybody was sending employees home from work. It's crazy  to think earlier this week it was in the 70's.  I can't wait for this weekend until we leave for sunny St. George!! I just wanted to make you all jealous!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Canyonlands Half Marathon

This past weekend we went to Moab to run the Half Marathon. We met up with me best friend and her hubby and brother and friend.  We planned on camping, but ended up getting a little cabin, which was really good for Kyle.  It had AC in it or a heater for the night. It was perfect.  On Friday we went into the National park and did some looking around and a little hiking.  Saturday was race day. Jeff drove my to the buses and I was off up the canyon. This is one of the prettiest run's I have done. St. George Marathon is really pretty as well, but this one was cool, because we got to run by the Colorado River the whole time it was great. I had a really good race and felt pretty good except for my stupid feet. I have what is called neuroma. It's where your feet and toes go numb and tingle as well. For me it's in the balls of my feet, so it makes it hard for me to keep running on them because it hurts. But, what do you do? I love running and it's how I lose weight.  So I am hoping I can get surgery or something to fix this little annoyance. But it was so fun to be there, and to have Jeff waiting for me at the Finish. (Sorry the pictures are not that great, I took them with my phone, because I forgot my camera, and I did not post may pics of me because I look like an elephant)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I made it!!

I made it 10 miles!!
So, I am trying to get back into running after having Kyle. It's funny what your body will let you and not let you do. Especially when you know what you CAN do.  I swear once I hit 30 all hell broke lose in my body. At least that's what I feel like. Endurance wise I  feel like I can run a while, body wise, I get so frustrated with my body, and mostly my feet. I got a cortisone shot in my ankle on Thursday to try and help the pain. Last time I got one it made the pain go away for a long time. Basically until after I had Kyle.  Maybe it's a matter of mind over matter, but what ever it is, it is frustrating. I blame it on having 4 kids in 5 years, or maybe my body is telling me to chose a different sport. What ever it may be, I hope to continue running marathons and races until I am 60. So here's hoping to a life full of running.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Not quite ready!

Here is what Kyle thought of his first taste of rice cereal. Can you tell how much he enjoyed it. Oh well, we will try again next week.

Monday, March 9, 2009


You know it's time for a haircut when?

4 Months old

4 Months:

Weight: 13.5 Lbs (25 %)
Heigth: 24.25 in (25 %)

You can roll to your side not fully rolling yet
You found your feet and love to grab them
You ALWAYS have your hands in your mouth, you love to chew on them
You love your swing and the bumbo
You love your baths and started splashing
You sleep 10-11 hour before waking up to eat
You like to go swimming
You just went into size 2 diapers 
You love when we sing to you. Favorite songs are patty cake and twinkle little star
You LOVE your crib mobile

Not to much going on, you are just getting to big to fast. We love having you around, and your sweet little personality is really starting to come out. You love to giggle and gnaw on my shoulder when I am holding you. It's really funny. 

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Brandon's Surgery

Last Wednesday Brandon went  into surgery for a cyst that he had in his eye, as you can see in this picture. It was really sad to have to see him going into the OR and to be put to sleep. He did really well though and is back to his normal self. The funniest part was when they gave him the medicine versed that helped to relax him. He was hilarious!! I was cracking up. After that, they wheeled him away in a little red wagon. It was very cute. 
Here is a picture of Brandon at home after the Surgery still a little druged

Here are a few pictures taken with Jeff's phone. I was so mad I forgot my camera. These pics are right after he came out of Surgery, it must be hard to come out of the anesthesia medicine because he was not very happy. They kept him in my arms for about an hour to make sure that he was ok, and that he started eating some animal crackers and drinking water. 
Looking a little more awake now.

Grandma and Grandpa visit

Last weekend my Grandma and Grandpa came to visit us on there way to Phoenix. I have not seen them in almost 4 years, so it was such a wonderful visit and so fun to see them. The kids really enjoyed them and warmed up pretty quick. On Thursday when they arrived we just relaxed and had a BBQ. On Friday, we took them to the Aquarium where the kids always have a good time, and then later that evening they took us to dinner at the Cheesecake factory. It was such a wonderful visit and we are so glad they came to visit.

Random Pictures

Here are a few pictures of Kyle. One of him starting to play with his toys, and of him enjoying is jumper. He really enjoys his jumper and being able to stand up.