Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lagoon it's what fun is!

Back in June we headed to Utah for a week and had to go to lagoon.  My kids love amusement parks, and especially the roller coasters that they can go on.  We went on Wed with my sister and my friend crystal at about 5 it started to rain and did not stop so we were all bummed and sad and had to leave. So on Friday I decided we had to go back, so off we went. This time I brought Kyle and he actually did really well and loved all of the rides.  I also met my Friend from Denver and we went around with her, it was so good to see her and her cute boys.  The second time the weather was perfect and we had a great time as we always do.  They have a new roller coaster called Bombora and it is for sure the new favorite. We went on that one over and over as much as we could. And Ashlie tried her first one The Bat. She loved it.  I love that my kids are thrill seekers especially Brandon, he always has to have his hand in the air. I love it!

Brandons last day of pre school

Brandon's last day of Pre-School! He loved school and his teachers Miss Patti, and Miss Patti were awesome.  We love them so much and they are the best teachers.  Brandon got the award for Mathematician  award because he loves to count.  He was one of the few in the class that counted over 100.  Can't believe he is going into Kindergarten.

Its amazing how quick kids pick up electronics! This was back before the summer started and there kyle was playing Mario Brothers on the DS.  I just thought it was so cute how much concentration was on his face.

Matthew's first Baseball game

In May Matthew started his first season of machine pitch baseball.  He really had a good time and I think he did pretty well for never playing baseball before. We just need to practice at the batting cages and get ready for next year.  He really had a good time and it was so fun to watch him try new things.

Spring soccer

Back in the spring Brandon started soccer.  Since he was 4 he was on the "fun team" he really was not to keen on the idea of just running around with other kids and just doing drills. He is the kind of kid who does what he wants IF he wants to.  So pretty much every time we would take him , he would just sit there and pout and go play on the playground .  This day however he was having fun..  Kyle however got right into it.  He was trying to play with all the big kids and loved it