Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sand Dunes

We deicided to try out the sand dunes and the kids had a blast. It was the perfect day, I think we could have stayed there all day! Kyle was loving the sand as well as eating it.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Moab Half Marathon

Moab was so fun this year. My best Friend and her husband brought up a trailer and my mom, and barts brother chad and Dora came and we all stayed in the cozy trailer.  2 of my  friends here Pam and Jessica have been training hard each weekend and had such a fun time running the race together. We all had a goal of getting in around 2 hours, and to be honsest with you, I was just going to be happy with anything under 2 and half. But we all did AWESOME and finished under 2 hours. My time was 1:54:29  I have never done one that fast, so I was so proud of my self. It was so fun to run with these girls and look forward to June and many more races. Hopefully my ankle will let me, bu that is another story. Thanks for all who came to support. See you next year

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

16 months old

(This is kyle saying Cheese)

16 Months old (on the 5th of March)

Weight: 20lbs

  • still in size 3 diapers
  • wears size 12 month pants
  • LOVES "woof "(doggy)
  • no fav food yet
  • favortie show.. Little Einstien
  • loves to play duck duck goose
  • says mama, da, woof, thank you, uh oh, cheese, duck
  • loves to dance. It's really cute, you move your little bum up and down
  • love to blow kisses and wave bye
  • loves milk, almost off bottles
  • love your pacifier
  • loves to throw things in the garbage, and play in the toilets
  • loves to sanitize and wash your hands
  • loves your baths

Ashlie gets glasses!

Ok, here is the picture I have been promising for the last 2 weeks. Ashlie had to get glasses and little did we know she was so far sided. She is getting more and more used to them every day, and is probably so excited that she can see better. Now she is ready for kindergarten!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Jeff's Birthday

We had a lot of fun celebrating Jeff's birthday! The always get really ec=xcited when there is a birthday. It was kind of low key this year, we had one of his fav meals at a resturaunt called back porch BBQ they have some of the best ribs I have ever tasted, then we had brownies and presents. Matthew asked me if any friends were coming over and I told him no. He said that's boring, and i explainded to him that when you get older you don't have parties like you do.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Jeff

Happy 35th Birthday Jeff!! We Love you !
Here are some reasons I love Jeff:

 You love to have fun
 You are a WONDERFUL dad
 You don't act your age (which I love)
You work hard
You have a great amount of patience
 You help with dishes without being asked
 You help clean without being asked
You love to have fun and goof around
 You think of others first
 You are a GREAT husband couldn't have asked for anybody else
 You love to travel
 You do things with me even if they are not your style just to make me happy
 I love that you are very supportive
You dont judge
You love to camp, and do all outdoors things with me
I love that when we do have a little argument we are never mad at eachother for more than 5 min
You are very handy
 You  LOVE cookies
 I love that the kids look up to you so much. You really are such a wonderful husband and dad. Hope you have a great Birthday!