Sunday, September 23, 2007

"Souper" Saturday

So I went to my sister in laws souper saturday yesterday and had a blast. They had a lot of cute crafts, I made a clock and a little tile thing. I LOVE my clock. It turned out really cute and I was so proud of my self for making it. I don't know if you can really see it, but it's crackled and then I stained it about 3 different colors. I had to angle it because the flash kept showing up on the clock. The tiles are pretty cool to, I also ordered one that says family and then the definition under it. I love crafty days, because I usually never have the time to do them otherwise.

Hike Up Mount Torrey

Jamie's Mom (Ma Bones) came into town the other week-end, giving me the opportunity to climb another 14er (for those of you from Utah that don't know what that is, it's a mountain over 14,000 feet, which the state of Utah doesn't have because all your mountains are tiny). So I headed out at 5am to do a solo up Mount Torrey's East Ridge (Kelso Ridge). I hit some rain storms on the drive to the trail head, but by the time I started hiking the rain had stopped, clouds started lifting, and I was excited to see snow on the top of the peak.

This is me starting up Kelso Ridge. It's a two hour scrable to the top once you get to the ridge. Lots of pulling your self up rock faces and a few spots where you have to cross knife edge ridges with cliffs on both sides.

Me at the top. It was very windy and cold. This was my first time trying out my new Salomon coat. It's thin and light, but does great in wind, rain and cold. Mount Grays in the back ground, anouther 14er.

A view of Kelso Ridge that I climbed. I hiked down the south side of the mountain where the normal hiking trail up the mountain follows.

These steps, on the way down, reminded me of the Lord of the Rings.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Look who's walking (Finally!!!!)

Yea, Brandon has finally decided he wants to walk. I am very excited, because when they get to this age, I would rather them just walk. Now if only we could get him to hold his bottle. One thing at a time I guess. We just have lazy boys. Oh ya, sorry some of the pictures are blury.


Last weekend we took a trip to moab. It was really fun and hot!! Luckily we stayed at a campground with a swiming pool and got to cool off after our hikes. Anyway just a few pics of our trip. The kids had a really good time they always ask when we are we going camping.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

1st day of Pre School (Which was really last Friday)

Here is my big boy ready for pre school. The first day we had to un cling him from my neck. It was pretty sad, but he got over it as I new he would. The next time he went, he told me he was not going to cry. So we walked in the room and he said " Hi miss Patti, I not going to cry today." Then he said " bye mom" It was so cute. And now he loves it with no problems.

Monday, September 3, 2007

The move =(

So, we finally moved on Saturday. For some of you who don't know we now live in Arvada Colorado. I will miss Highlands Ranch and all of my friends, as well as Matthew and Ashlie's friends. It feels really weird to be out here. It's like it's all new again, and I have to start all over again. I really hate starting over. I really like our new ward, it's fairly small, but everyone is really, really friendly. Now we are just trying to put the house together and make it our own. The best part about moving here for me, is that Jeff is now a couple of miles from work and not 40 min. I am actually excited for him to go tomarrow just for the drive. The best part for the kids, is the train we get to see out our front window many, many, many times a day. Something I will have to adjust to. At least it's temporary. Well, I will work on getting some pictures up as soon as
I can. Wish me luck.