Thursday, February 25, 2010

Random stuff

so not a lot going on now, just taking care of the kids and such. But I do have to post for those of you who don't do facebook, I QUIT DRINKING SODA!! This was such a hard thing for me to do, but moving out here to a town of nothing has made me a much healthier person. There is no where to go out to eat, so we rarely do, and now that i am running again I feel so much healthier, and quiting feels even better. I hope that I never go back to drinking my beloved Diet Dr. Pepper again, because I do love the way i feel even if it is just in my mind.  There are 3 other girls here who are running with me and we are training for the Moab Half Marathon in March. It's fun to have  a little group to run with and makes it go by fast. Things are going good here, Jeff's work is getting busier by the month so we are happy about that. Its still quite the adjustment for me, why can't they just have a target and and old navy or Gap. Where am I supposed to buy my kids clothes?? Anyway enough ranting.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Look who's FINALLY walking

Yea Kyle we are sooooo happy you are finally walking little man. You just want to get down everywhere and now it will be so much easier. I know these are not the best pictures, but what do ya do. Congrats Kyle!

15 Months Old

(getting a picture of this kid is tough)

15 Months:

Weight: 19lbs 8oz (-1%) Yes I did say Negative
Height: 29 inch (4%)
Head: 46cm (31%)

Things about Kyle:

  • FINALLY walking (at 15 months) You still crawl, but walk more and more everyday =)
  • LOVE your doggy. When you see him you say whoof
  • can say mama, da, baba, woof, choo, and can do please, more, milk in sign language
  • You communicate really well even though you don't say very much, we can usuall tell what you want.
  • Love to play with your siblings
  • finally have been accepted into Brandons world
  • loves candy
  • Don't really have any fav foods, infact you really don't eat much OBVIOUSLY. I really do try, he just doesn't eat.
  • got your last molar which makes all 4 now
  • size 3 diapers still
  • you are just a fun, goofy, happy kid
  • you love to snuggle still with mom and dad. I LOVE it that you still snuggle, I will take it as long as I can get it.
  • starting to like some new showes like Little Einstien, and Diego
  • Loves music and dancing. Whenever the music comes on you start dancing and waving your hands

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ashlie's parties

Here is Ashlie at her party with her friends. She wanted to have a costume party so all of the littel kids came in them. It was like halloween all over again. We just had fun playing games and eating cake and opening presents. The kids had a good time just playing in the basement for a while to.

Here is Ashlie on her actuall birthday. One thing that she asked for that we had to make sure and get her was roses. It was so cute! She got a lot of fun toys babies and dogs and barbies, clothes, purse, make-up, a camera which she has been begging us for ever, art stuff, jewlery, gift cards and a little money. Man 5 year olds are spoiled, but I love it!

Happy Birthday Ashlie



Weight: 36 lbs (24%)
Height: 42 in ( 41%)

6 Weeks

6 Months

9 Months

18 Months

2 Year

3 Year

4 Year

5 Year

On January 31st Ashlie turned 5. Her Birthday was on a Sunday, so on Saturday she requested to go sleding and have milkshakes, so that's what we did. Then on Sunday after church we had cupcakes and opened presents and spent the day playing with all of her new stuff. Then yesterday on the 6th of Feb she had a party with her friends over. I can't believe she is 5 already!

Things about Ashlie:

  • Hands down you are the peacmaker of the family. Always giving up your things to make your brothers happy.
  • You are a smiley, giggly girl
  • Loves to color and do crafts
  • Loves to play with her brothers
  • Likes Ruby and Max
  • Loves to dress up like a princess
  • HATES milk
  • Loves to dance
  • Favorite color is silver and gold
  • Favorite foods: cake, waffles with peanut butter, quesadillas (with ranch), carrots,
  • Loves to help cook and clean around the house. Very helpful!
  • Loves to take pictures
  • LOVES to learn, and going to school
  • Can write name, read about 10-15 words and write them
  • Loves to swim and ride your bike

Ashlie we love you so much and can't imagine our house without you. It's fun having you as our only little girl. You are the princess of the house for sure, and we love to spoil you. Thanks for being such a great sister, and a wonderful daughter!