Friday, February 3, 2012

April 6th 2011 Ankle Surgery

Ok so I have decided to work on updating my blog from the summer on.  I really don't want to get more behind so this will take some time. 

My Journey:
For about 5 or more years now I have had this pain in my ankle that comes and goes especially when i run or do certain workouts.  So I went in to a doctor and he gave me a cortizone shot and the pain seemed to have dissapeard.  So a few more years went by and the pain came back so I went to get another shot.  I would just keep running my races and didn't care. I would say the pain was a good 9 or so.  But if you know me, I don't really listen to my body and I can't sit and for sure can't stop running. For some reason just push through the pain run my races and limp for a while after and then it would subside a little.  So now, about 5 years later the pain came back so I went to find a doctor here in Durango.  He took an x-ray and said I had a huge bone spur and needed my deltoid ligament repaired.   So I did my last Moab Half Marathon in March and headed into surgery on April 6th.  I was really nervous because I have never been under, and I have never had surgery. It went well he put a few screws in, but wow i did not expect the scar to look like this! I was kind of freaked out, when I saw it.   I could not weight bare for 6 weeks and then went into a cast at 2 weeks and then at 7 weeks in the boot for a while.  After about 7 weeks I started some Physical Thereapy for about 4 weeks, but my foot would just not move=( The way that it was healing just was not right and no matter how much we tried it was stuck. Plus i couldn't walk very well at all and was in a lot of pain.   Kind of like my muscles and tendons just shrunk. We decided for 3 weeks in a row I would go in and he would bend my foot up and hold it in a cast and the I would go in again the next week bend it some more and cast it. And then one more week and do it again. That did not seem to help the Dorsi Flexion,  So after a few months we decided that I needed another surgery to lengthen my Achillies Tendon =(  So Surgery #2 scheduled for July 27th.  I wish that I had my other picture to show, but It's on my old phone so I can't get it .  The surgery went well, 6 more weeks of non weight baring, and then in the boot some more after that.  It really has been a long hard journey for me, I have to say that I think I have been taught a lesson of patience and also that it is ok for people to help you out, but I am really happy to have taken care of it.  Its really hard to be so active and then  to just be out for 6 months really just sitting around doing nothing.   I had a few breakdowns I won't lie, but I got threw it.  So 2 surgeries, total of 3 months non weight baring, total of 12 weeks in a cast, about 7-8 weeks in a boot, and going on 5 months of Physical Therapy 3 times a week, I am finally starting to feel the pain subsiding.The pain is still there but I finally feel like were moving along.   I still don't have a lot of strength I can't go up on my ball of my foot yet or jump, but I feel the end is near.  I don't think I could have done it without all the family and friends support and helping me out so thank you so much.