Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Grandmas 90th Birthday and Family Reunion

Curtis and his baby girls
All of the kids fishing at the lake. It was really fun, because they all had boats, tied on a string and they were pulling them bakc in. 
These are grandmas cakes made by Becky and Emily, and i helped a teeny bit.  The top one is of a swimming pool, because everyone loved swimming in their pool back when they had it.  The second one is just a flower cake, and the third one is a golf course.
Here is grandma opening her gift.  We all gave pictures and a story of what we love most about grandma and our favorite memory of her.
Becky, Grandma, Me and Emily
Here we are the whole family
Grandma and Grandpa and all of the Great Grandkids
Doug and Sandi's family
We had such a fun family reunion we went up to farish lake for a day of fishing and a YUMMY BBQ.  We just hung out there all day and just relaxed and played and enjoyed seeing everyone from all over the states.  I just love Jeff's grandma and Grandpa. They are such wonderful people and an insperation to the whole family.  I love to sit and hear Jeff's Grandpa tell stories.  I am so greatful to have such a wonderful family on Jeff's side and it's always such a joy to get together with everyone.

Silly faces!

I decided to take a picture of Brandon while he was having a tantrum
He's my little goof ball!