Friday, July 9, 2010

Fishing at our lake

Matthew caught some seaweed=)

Yea he caught one!
Here is Ashlie pouting because she did not catch one, and it was time to go

Navajo lake

We decided to take a drive to navajo lake and go swimming. While we were there, we met a really nice couple and they took each of the kids for a boat ride. The kids thought it was awesome, becuase they have never been on a boat. Matthew told me that we have to get one. I totally agree with him

Drive to Silverton CO

This is right before you go down into Silverton
 Brandon made us take a picture of him and kitty, then just a picture of kitty
This is Silverton, it's a cool little city. The train from Durango to Silveton runs here. We want to ride that sometime.

Here is my mom and steve. They rode their motercycle here.

Tinfoil dinners

Way back, on Memorial weekend we went up to the lake and had tinfoil dinners, and smores. We had a really good time and my parents, and Jeffs sister shauna came for the weekend. Unfortunatly my mom had a bit of the flu this day. We had a really good time and the kids loved playin in the hammock.

swimming at the rec center

The kids LOVE going swimming. Brandon is getting really daring and loves going down the waterslide the whole time. Matthew is now going off the diving board and loves it. I wish we could have gotten some pics of him doing that.