Thursday, April 22, 2010


A conversation Matthew and Ashlie had this morning:

We woke up this morning and there was more snow on the ground!!

Matthew: I didn't want it to snow anymore, who made it snow?

Ashlie: Jesus

Matthew: No it's the clouds

To funny!! The kids, NOT the snow=(

Friday, April 16, 2010

Poor Brandon

So when Brandon got out of bed this morning I saw all of this blood on his head. I asked him what had happened, and he told me he fell out of bed. I was thinking wow that was some fall. I asked him what he hit his head on, and he showed me his train tracks. I felt so bad, because he did not even come and get us. Guess he didn't even know either. There is some blood on the floor and his pillow, and his big giant dog.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Canyoneering trip 2010

Over spring Break we were able to go Canyoneering in Zions National Park. We started at 6 am and headed up angles landing hike. When you get to the top, you go the other way towards scouts lookout and continue hiking another hour and a half or so. When we got up there and started heading towards the canyon there was a lot more snow than we anticapated and wanted. We were a little unsure what the canyon was going to be like, because we did NOT  want to get wet. So we continued on through the canyon climbing over lots of snow, it was really not that warm of a day, maybe mid 50's with some wind. We finally made it to our first repel and had some lunch before we went down. Brandon went down first and we realized our ropes were not long enough. At that point we were debating if we should go down or not. We all did and when we went down the second repel we really realized there was NO way of finishing the canyon with our ropes. So at this point we  had an option of gettin back up , it would have been a challenge to get to the top, but we still had a chance. 1 more repel and there was so turning back. So we sat and debated what to do and low and behold another group came up behind us. They were so nice and let us go through the canyon with them. Thankgoodness, because I did not want to try and get back up and hike back the whole way we just came. Although I would pick that over spending a night in  the canyon. Over all we had a fun time, but it was cold. The 3 rd repel was the one that got us pretty wet, and man was that COLD!! And the second to the last repel got us wet again. Let's just say that I don't think I will ever repel this early in the season. To much snow and water, but after a long 12 hour hike we really did have a good time!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Glen Canyon Dam

On our way home from St. George we stopped at Glen Canyon Dam, that is Lake Powell behind it. It was so cool and the kids really thought it was cool. We took a little walk across the bridge, and looked down. I guess you can take a tour, I have always wanted to take a tour, I think It would be really cool

Easter egg dying and hunt

The kids had a fun time dying their eggs. Then on Easter morning they had an easter egg hunt in the backyard. They had such a fun time playing together and seeing Grandma and Grandpa, and cousins.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt 2010

We had a fun easter egg hunt this year more like a 1,2 ,3 go and the candy is gone in 5 sec, but it is fun none the less. This year we went to St. George for easter and my sister and her family came down. It was so Fun to be with family and to have conference as well.