Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hawaii !!

Jeff and I had such a fun time in Hawaii last week. We went to the Island of Kauai and stayed in some condo's there, with my Dad, Kristin, and my my brother David. It was so fun just to be able to relax, and have a little break from the kids. Thank you soooo much to Crystal and Jeff's mom for watching the kids. Sorry to my mom, who was unable to make it, due to weather. I know they really had a good time. I was a little worried about the weather at first, but it was usually about 75-80 deg and sunny. It would rain at times, but then it would clear up right away. We were able to see whales which was really cool, eat some yummy food. Probably too much food and stayed up playing games and just hanging out. We were able to be there for Valentines Day as well, and I told Jeff that he is going to have to top this every year. It was a very nice evening. Sorry there are so many pics, so bare with. There were just so many picture and hard to choose which ones. Hope you enjoy. By the way, i don't like any of my pictures, so bare with them. I have decided that I am not very photogenic.

Our First day there, we took a tour of the whole island, that way we would know what we wanted to do later in the week.

Just some random pictures

We were able to see a monk seal just relaxing on the beach. These pictures are down at the Princeville hotel, which was our favorite place to snorkel. We saw some awesome fish.

This is the light house. You can do a lot of whale watching from here.

Today we went to a Luau. I love going to Luau's the dancing is so fun to watch, and you can't beat the food. This is where Jeff tasted his first poi. Can't say it's on his favorite list of foods.

This day, Jeff and I took a 4 mile hike up the NaPali Coast. It was VERY muddy and very pretty. The views were great and the waves were big. We missed David on the hike that day, because he was feeling under the weather. I may have gotten him sick, but as of now, I going to deny that accusation.

One of our favorite things to do, was boggie board at Hanalei Bay. Next time we decided we are going to take surfing lessons.

This is out first Hawaii Sunset. It was very pretty, and we made it just in time. It's amazing how fast the sun goes down.

Here we are at the Wyamia( SP?) Canyon, they call it the Grand Canyon of Kauai. It's very pretty.

This is a picture of a rooster. I back when they had hurricane Iniki, it scattered all of the roosters all over the island and now they just roam all over the place and crow whenever they want to. They are a little confused.

I don't really remember where this is, but it was very pretty. Awesome views.

This is us at our first and most favorite Ke'e Beach, looking down at the NaPali coast. There is David waving a hello.

These are to torro root fields, they use the root to make poi. For those of you who have not tasted it, it's a really nasty pasty tasting stuff. I really don't understand why they use it, but they sure have a lot of fields. Yucky.

This is our stop at the spouting horn. They call it that, because the water, when it goes under the rock, it splashes up the whole there and makes a big splash. The waves were not to big that day, so we didn't get to see it very big.