Sunday, October 7, 2012

New Years Eve 2011

 Someone didn't quite make it.  We piled our coats on the floor and she fell asleep.  Not sure how though because the music was loud, and even when everyone was celebrating she stayed asleep

Don't worry its just sparkling cider.  They ran out of cups!

This year for New Year's Eve we were in Colorado Springs with Jeffs parents.  They had a deal at the bowling alley on the Air Force Base to bowl as many games as you can bowl from 8-12 and you got one meal and all you can drink.  It was so fun!  It's actually one of the best New Years I have had in a while.  Our whole family is really big into bowling so we all enjoyed ourselves and I was actually able to stay awake until midnight because i was busy.  I hope we do this again next year!

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